Friday, February 24, 2017

Dollarama buys!

Don't often buy minis at Dollarama anymore - mostly because there really isn't anything that I need. (Quit laughing!)

But I did find these the other day.

I spotted these (erasers). Didn't much care for the colours but the soccer cleats are pretty great. You can even see the cleats on the soles of the shoes. There are six shoes in all. All for the right foot but with judicious positioning, they can work.

Then I spotted this container of 8 soccer balls in the correct colours! Very nicely done and very close to 1:12 scale.

Bought them for Vern's attic and I'll try to remember to take the extras to club one night.

Even the containers will have a use.

These nail stickers certainly weren't a 'need' but I can use them if I ever do a St. Patrick's Day scene.

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