Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baking vignette coming together

I took the smallest of the three bowls and added some white glue to it for egg whites.

When that had dried clear, I added some puffy yellow paint for the yolks of the eggs. Still need to make a whisk to whip them. (Working on that.)

Here's the prep table so far. Across the back are flour and sugar canisters; oatmeal (for cookies, of course); vanilla; four spice shakers and a sheet of green Christmas tree cookies. Across the front are the three mixing bowls, a measuring up, an egg, measuring spoons and a spatula.

Eventually, the rolling pin will go on the table.
Easy-peasy to make: Cut a 1" piece of 1/4" dowel and drill holes in each end. Glue in  handles cut from the ends of toothpicks.
A basket of cupcakes made by former MEE member, Natasha, a cherry pie from my stash. On the left middle and bottom are two cakes from my stash and on the right are the tins of coconut meringues and thumbprint cookies I made.

 Still don't have the flooring in place but it's coming together.

Have this for the wall. Want to change the decoration to red.

Not a great deal left to do.

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