Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A surprise visit

Jeanne called today and asked if she could come down for a minute. Of course, I said, yes and was thrilled to see that she had brought Megan and Carter down for a quick visit. Was wonderful to see them and show off a few recent projects.

They brought me a couple gifts:

The chuckwagon is 2 1/4" tall. Much smaller scale than I'm used to working in but ideas are coming!

RL is really hitting me from all sides this week. We have fire alarm inspections and carpet cleaning in both buildings and will be starting the replacement of parkade lighting with LEDs.

But I have moved my kitchen roombox on to my work table and hope to get that finished in the next week or so.

The first order of business is to install some lighting then I have to give all the cupboard pieces a second coat of paint.

Joanne and I are going to Tina's tonight so nothing will get done today. Hopefully, I'll get at least a small start on the kitchen tomorrow.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A RL joy and a small mini gift

Sorry this is so late. Spent a long time talking with Cheryl H. in NS and missed the deadline for posting.

Saturday, Joanne and I went to the St. Albert Farmers' Market. A few stalls in, a picture caught my eye and I just had to have it!

You might recall my story of the birthday pig. I hadn't done anything with my birthday money so when I saw this!!! It was my purchase!!!

It's a 23" x 17" painting on a slab of wood. The picture does not do it justice.

I haven't yet decided where to hang it.

On our way into the St. Albert Public Library, there was a Recycling information table that was handing out miniature (1:24) St. Albert recycling bin key chains. What a great gift! Think I can make it work in a 1:12 scene somehow.
We went up to the magazine section of the library where we looked at the Miniature Collector magazine. (Joanne donates this to the library each year.) Had great fun looking at them.

Was thrilled to see the MC write-up on Jo-Ann Shaw. (I know it's been awhile since it was published but it was the first time I had seen it.) Joanne has a pair of her ice skates shown in the article and she says that the picture doesn't do them justice.

I'm thrilled to have known Jo-Ann for several years since I first attended Camp Mini HaHa and it's such a joy to see her work acknowledged.

All in all, a great day!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Edmonton Show and Sale September 17

Oh, my!

We already have one more dealer than last year! We really want to keep this Show and Sale going so if you know of anyone who might be interested in coming to our Show and Sale as a dealer, please have them contact me.

I'm waiting for one more confirmed dealer contract to come in then I will publish the full list of all we have so far. This one is a doll artist so am quite excited about her attendance.

The absolute deadline for smaller (up to one 6' table) dealers is August 31 but those who want to be assured of a table and get maximum advertising value need to contact me by July 31.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lorry's memorial box

I found the crown molding in the bag of wood from the kit, painted it white and installed it.

Then I decided that the outside of the box needed to be covered so I did that with some light brown art paper from my stash.

Folded the extra paper around the back, mitred the corners and glued it down.

Here the frame to hold the plexiglass cover has been added on three sides.

With the light on
 The plexiglass has been glued into the top section of the frame and is being put in place.

The table and flowers have been placed using Moveable Miniatures Glue. (Love that glue!)

I have a lovely little cottage teapot by Janice Crawley that was a gift from Lorry's family that I would have loved to put in here but I think it would have detracted from the vignette. I'll find another spot for it.

Here's the card I made to identify it at our Show and Sale in September. After the Show, I'll glue it to the back of the box.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Got some things done

Well, Leanne and I went to IKEA on Sunday and picked up my new sideboard. A book got in the way of working on it Sunday but I got it done yesterday....but not in time to post it. Will put things in it tomorrow. For now, I have just put my most recent pieces on it.

Went to craft night tonight and glued together the little box I'm working on. Have to glue the frame on the front and add the plexiglass then put in the table and flowers.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

new project 1 1/2

In my last post, I mentioned that I had decided to use the box only from Samm Brockhurst's book box kit to highlight a couple things I bought from Lorry's Estate Sale. Many of the items from Lorry's sale were for a kitchen and I have plans for those....but I did get a wonderful table that former MEE member, Gilbert Funk, had made and also a battery ceiling fixture. Gilbert's table is a very early piece that I think deserves special attention and this box is perfect for it.

A few years ago, I bought a beautiful vase (unsigned) of roses and daisies at the Calgary Doll Show. I always thought the roses were white but this afternoon Joanne informed me they were yellow! - and she was right!

Which is quite appropriate as "Bright, cheerful and joyful are what come to mind when thinking of a yellow rose. Yellow roses create warm feelings and provide happiness. Giving yellow roses can tell someone the joy they bring you and the friendship you share."
( www.passiongrowers.com>web>colors )

Since then, I've had all these ideas rolling around in my mind. Wanted to wallpaper before I put the box together but just couldn't find the right paper.

So Joanne came over this afternoon  to look after some MEE business (and a long overdue LONG visit) - not to mention getting out of the heat. We looked at a couple possible wallpapers and none of them worked.

But after she left, I went through my other wallpapers and found four possibles:

a burgundy tissue that worked over the manila brown of the gatorboard

Sort of liked this one as the cream and gold worked with the table and flowers

This didn't photograph well. It's white with pinstripes of red and blue. To both our minds, the best.

Too strong - washes out the strength of the table and flowers.
Well, we settled on the pink/blue pinstripe for the walls...just a hint of a pattern but nothing that overwhelms the furniture. The flooring that Samm provided and a piece of white cardstock for the ceiling.

I got out my YES glue and installed all the papers and kept them under books until all the glue was sealed.

Hopefully, I'll get this put together tomorrow and get the frame for the plexiglass in place.

We'll see - as tomorrow Leanne and I are planning on going to IKEA to pick up the HEMNES sideboard for the back wall of the dining room...and if that happens, I'll probably spend my time assembling that.

But am SORT OF back in the groove.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shadowbox finished...and new project

Well, I finally got Margaret's shadowbox done. Had to affix the hardware,  clean the glass and trim some of the silicone sealant from the glass. It can be hung either horizontally or vertically. She will place her father's badges and other recognitions in it.

On Tuesday night, I went to Craft Night in our building. Looked for something that I could take with me and found this kit from Samm Brockhurst. (it's only 9 years old!)

Just checked it out and dry-fitted the centre box.

As I looked at the dry-fit of the box itself, I decided that I wouldn't worry about the book section.

The box itself is perfect  to highlight the Gilbert Funk table that I bought from Lorry's Estate Sale. Maybe a bouquet on it (not from Lorry)....

Monday, July 3, 2017

Shadow Box 2

Here the back of the shadowbox with the top covered with matboard is glued in place with wood glue.

Box face down
 and weighed down until the glue dried.

While the glue was drying, I moved the hanging hardware, putting two pieces on the long side and one on the short.

Then I gave the frame and the outside of the box two coats of paint.

Glued and clamped matboard on the long sides of the inside of the shadow box,

Then on the short sides.

All that's left to do is put the glass back in the frame with silicon and add the hardware.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Shadow box

Well, it wasn't exactly on my original schedule (like I really had one) but it's time to work on this.

You may recall that Sunni had some giveaways at our All Day Workshop and I picked up a shadow box on spec.

I mostly took it apart tonight and have started working on it. First I removed the back and placed it on the matboard I had chosen for the inside, cut it and them together with wood glue..

Matboard looks almost white here but it's more grey with a slightly blue tinge.

Then I removed the frame from the front and the hardware from the back.

The back hardware had to come off as it only allowed it to be hung vertically and think  it will end up being hung horizontally.

Took the glass from the front frame and started painting the frame blue.

The back and the glass had been siliconed in place so I ended up running a chisel where the silicon had been in an effort to clean up the joints.

Tomorrow I'll do more painting, put the new back in place and add matboard to the inside walls.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The father of my friend and fellow miniaturist, Margaret Clark, passed away this past Saturday.

He was a driver for Edmonton Transit for many, many years. He and his wife, Mary Anne, were married for 55 years.

He is survived by Mary Anne, daughter Margaret, three sons, Richard, Adam and Ian; two grandchildren, Trevor and Sarah; and his sister, Dorothy.

Another piece finished!!

I bought this Christmas scene bag from the estate of Shirley Phillips to give away this Christmas. It needs some repairs so that was today's project. The foamcore box that contains the scene is glued in place so that made it a bit more difficult to fix things.

It's a nice little piece but it's open in the front so I want to close it in. First, I took my hair dryer to it and blew off all the dust off it.

Then I cut a piece of matboard to fit in the front of the bag and pencilled along the bag so I could cut out the portion along the front.

Then I removed the matboard from the bag and cut out the centre.

Cut a piece of clear plastic about 1/4" wider each way than hole in the matboard ,

and glued it in place.

The matboard/plastic is in place behind the front of the bag. Because the corners of the bag are torn, I glued them down then cut a frame from some strip wood I had in my stash.

Then glued the frame in place and stacked my books on it until the glue dried.

As the final touch, I cut a piece of marble matboard to fit in the top of the bag and cover up all the ragged edges of the foamcore box.

And here is the tidied top of the box!

Looking good - and FINISHED!!

Hope this finally posts....having trouble with publishing tonight.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Kitchen vignette - finished!

Way back on February 6 (this year, at least LOL), I decided to do a vignette as a giveaway at our Christmas potluck dinner. Worked on it for awhile then got stalled when it came to installing the flooring.

And there it sat.....and sat....and sat.

I had tried. unsuccessfully, using aluminum foil to make a template for the flooring before. So this time I decided to mold it against the bottom of the container and trim it to that size.

Once that was done, I took that template and pressed it into the floor of the container. Because there wasn't much extra foil involved now, it was much easier to handle and gave me the new template for the flooring.

Another mistake I made back then was to try to use a scrap of the hexagonal photo paper and piece it.

Once I decided to print out a new sheet of flooring on photo paper (using the free online graph paper), it was a snap! I took my template and taped it to the photo paper around the curved ends. I could/maybe should have taped the entire template on but this worked. I took my utility knife and straight edge and cut the straight lines then cut the curved ends with scissors.

Yea! It fit perfectly! Checked it first then used double-faced carpet tape to hold it in place. Problem solved. (Took long enough.)

I cut a piece about 1 1/4" x 2" from a green Dollarama cutting mat, glued it in place with the rolling pin glued to that and glued a Christmas tree cookie cutter above that.

Glued the table, baking rack and paper towel holder in place and it's done!

Here it is closed up. Problem is, as you can see, it's almost impossible to get a picture without my reflection.

 But I'm pleased with it.