Friday, April 11, 2014

The shop front, the workroom

I ran into a problem putting Luba B.'s wonderful stitchery in place. First of all, the frame is a brooch finding and doesn't have a flat back. I think I gave away all of my scrapbooking 'dots' some time ago but when I walked with Barb R. this morning, we discussed the problem and she gave me  a partial roll of scrapbooking tape that worked...but I fouled up and put it higher than I would have liked.

The two pieces below are by Janice Crawley and the middle piece is from my stash.

Top: Janice Crawley ginger jar, Marsha Hedrick vase
Second: cranberry glass, candlesticks and egg cups by John Meacham, cranberry glass
Third: Reutter vase; silver ladle by me; silver plated covered serving dish (?), bone-handled silver carving knive made in a John Meacham class; peacock on stand (beautiful Fimo piece - can't read the signature)
Bottom: Vase of Fimo roses (no signature); Lady (signed but can't read), blown glass doves; Toby Jog (can't read signature of painter; Tom Saunders vase

Picture without the glass in the main window:
 Picture with the glass in all windows:

For Marisa who wrote: "bet mine is worse than yours"

My (2006) original workroom here; (2009) first 'public' cleaning; (2011) the last 'deep' clean;

As I hang my head in shame....there is not one flat surface in this room that is not covered with "stuff"'s even worse than it looks as I have moved a whole pile of stuff from the floor of the room into my bedroom

This is the 'stuff' that is now in a corner of my bedroom. 
 I really AM working on cleaning it all out and up.

This is the table with all the goodies (orders and freebies from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse that we're going to go through tomorrow when some of us get together for lunch.


  1. Maureen.........I do believe that the lady that you said is signed was made by Chris Carr, from Hamilton, ON. If you look closely, it probably is the name of the Royal Doulton figurine, not her name. She always wrote it on the bottom in black ink. Can you make it out now? Hope this helps. Love your work and seeing your workroom look more like mine now. :-)

    1. Liz, thanks so much for the info on the figurines. Think you're right.

  2. Wow it coming along great! I'm jealous that you have a space to create!

    1. Hi Brini. It's a wonderful space and I'm very fortunate to have it but until I get this cleaning done, it doesn't do much good. LOL