Friday, March 14, 2014

Personal catch up then....updating minis....Almost TOTAL foul up!

Things have been nuts around here!!!

The condo board decided to do the "Put and Take" four times a year for one month each time....since it's my 'baby', I chose March, June, September and December.

I hit the jackpot with it in getting a 27" TV, combination DVD/VHS player and stand! BUT that meant a whole lot of rearranging of TVs in the condo including my living room - not just the furniture but also a lot of the miniatures. Also had to rearrange the miniatures to find a good home for the Christmas shop. And figure out exactly what I would be donating back to the put and take.

Then we had a potluck dinner tonight. Not a large turnout but great food and wonderful company.


I decided to have a bit of fun with a couple things that were in the "party favours" from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse. One of the goodies in the bag was a pair of plastic scissors:

that I'll turn into either a pair of kitchen shears, a pair of dressmaking shears or a pair of tin snips for the garage/shop (whatever you need):

Isn't that a great transformation!?!

Scissors that inexpensive aren't ordinarily 'working' in that they don't usually open and close. But these are jointed so you can separate the two pieces and paint them:

Carefully separated the two pieces.

Painted the scissor blades silver with "Billy" silver nail polish.

Once the silver had dried, I painted the handles with red nail polish.

As you can see above, I sometimes employ really weird/unusual holders/supports of items while the paint/nail polish dries. In this case, one of the pieces is held in the jaws of the binder clip while the other is supported on the end of a round toothpick and held through the end of the clip handle.

The red nail polish required two coats:

And, oh my goodness, (although goodness had nothing to do with it), when I added the second coat of red nail polish, I wasn't working over the clip board that I had worked over when I did the first coat.

You have to know where this is leading....

I look down and there is red nail polish all over the leg of my yoga pants...not a big deal in the whole scheme of things...these are old pants and it's not the end of the world. UNTIL I look down and there is red nail polish on the carpet. OH SH*T!

One of the other things that Liz included in our "party favour" bags was this great little saw:

The simplest thing to do with this is apply dimensional medium to the handle and give it a wood finish so you have a wood saw to put in your workshop/garage.

But the one thing I would love to do with this is make it into a decorative saw. (I actually thought I had one of these in my stash to show you but couldn't find it.)

I don't have the artistic ability to paint one of these but it would be so great to paint one with primer and paint a scene on that saw!


  1. Thank you for these wonderful tips. The change is amazing.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Thanks Marisa and Drora. I love it when a little bit of 'magic' makes a big difference! I've been thinking that if you don't have access to the dimensional accent product that I used, any of the glues that we use that dry clear could be used to create that same dimension.
    Hugs, Maureen

  3. You continue to amaze me, Maureen. So glad you had such fun with your favours. :-)