Friday, December 7, 2012

MEE Christmas party

We held our Christmas party on Tuesday night.

Some before dinner visiting:

We used to do a potluck dinner, then had it catered by the church women for a couple years, but last year we switched to bringing appetizers and deserts.

And that wasn't even all the food! There was more food on the counter and a separate table with deserts! One of the favourite foods when we have a potluck is a potato dish called Schwartzie's potatoes - so Sunni, bless her heart, made up two mini cupcake trays of Schwartzie's!!
So many choices!

Each member is encouraged to bring three miniature Christmas ornaments and enter her name in a draw. The club supplies two Christmas trees. Two names are drawn and each winner gets a tree and half the ornaments.

We also have a gift exchange (retail value of $10.00). Bring a gift, get a gift.

This wonderful Christmas shop was made and displayed by Lorry S.

I only managed to get pictures of some of the gifts and they don't show up well against the Christmas tablecloths.

 My friend and upstairs neighbour got the Christmas wrap coffee table that she had watched me make on Saturday - LOL she chose it because she thought her granddaughter would like the box it was it!

Erika B. made this wonderful Christmas baking prep table:

Joanne R. received these lovely pieces from Barb S.: a beautiful Christmas lantern and the set of Christmas trees.

Bev P-M made this wonderful table decorated for Christmas:

Carol K. petitpointed the tea cosy for the teapot:

Great little bird house - even decorated for Christmas!

My friend and upstairs neighbour Barb knit this beautiful afghan in the blanket chest. Her first piece of mini knitting - just gorgeous!

Joanne made this terrific Christmas prep table - even down to the "Christmas for Dummies" book!

Sorry, I don't know who made the glitter house.

Tina MacD made this lovely hanging lamp. She's going to be teaching us how to make the lampshade in the new year.

Every year the highlight of our evening is Joanne reading a Christmas book.

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