Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting back in the mini groove..../weather report

I have at least accomplished some work on the mini afghan...

But I timed it and it takes me about 8 minutes to knit one row and at that rate, it'll take me about 12 - 14 hours to finish it to the size I want/need it....never should have done THAT math!!!

Joanne and I are having the same problem focussing on the actual building of the room so think we're going to have to get together some day soon and get the actual room done.

In the mean time, I have several small items I should/could be making to put in it and maybe if I start working on those, I'll get my act together.

Weather report: When I arrived home from Ontario last Wednesday, I came home to 18" of snow!!! (Record snowfall since 1942) My BIL Grahame couldn't pick me up at the airport because he couldn't get out of their driveway. I was lucky in that my flight was early enough that the snow on the freeway home hadn't yet frozen.

That evening, this was the picture off my 2nd floor balcony of the parking lot at Mom's place next door. Between the two fir trees is one of three piles of snow in their parking lot from just enough clearing to allow emergency vehicles to come through.

On Thursday, my DS Carol and DBIL Fred came out from the Peace River country and stayed at Mom's place on their way to Arizona. Weather/roads were still bad so they spent Friday night at my place and headed out south on Saturday.

On Sunday morning when I got up, the temperature was -20 C.

The last few days we've had highs of 5C so it's been quite pleasant but roads and sidewalks are icy.

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