Friday, May 25, 2012

Road Trip!!!

A while back, one of our members told us about someone who was selling a huge collection of miniatures on Kijiji. Eight of us went out this morning to see what she had. What a treasure trove!! Hundreds of 1:48 house and furniture kits...that really pleased the others who are currently working in that scale! Everything half the marked price and if it wasn't marked, make an offer. About ten completed 1:12 scale dollhouses, boxes of all sorts of 1:12 miniatures and four boxes filled with probably 300 - 400 rolls of wallpaper.

The only thing I was really looking for was kitchen cabinets for the Bombay house and I had no luck with that but I ended up getting some wonderful pieces.

This beautiful bedroom set was made by a former member of MEE. The detail is amazing!

He also made this shelf unit and blanket box.

This market stall was made by John Greer, another former MEE member. Picked it up just in case we need more pieces for the "Little Fair on the Prairie".

This shelving piece may work in the Christmas shop.

Not wild about the upholstery on this couch but I'll probably do the leather finish on it.

Don't really have a place planned for these but they're so beautiful I couldn't pass them up. LOL

Beautiful little jewellery box with inlaid top:

A Clare-Bell brass rooster weather vane - gorgeous!

My friend Barb had an appointment this morning so couldn't join us so she had asked me to keep an eye open for a room box or maybe a dollhouse kit for her.

Early I found this piece that I thought would make a good roombox with the addition of a plexiglass top and front:

But THEN as I was paying for the first batch of minis I found, Amber said that anyone who purchased could also choose a dollhouse to take home!

So I looked through them and found a nice sized one with big rooms that I thought would work for Barb. As nearly as I can tell from the pictures on the Greenleaf site, it's the Westville. The outside colours are a bit garish but the inside is nicely finished. Called Barb as soon as I got home and think she was pleased with it.

Amber was also holding a garage sale this weekend and when Tina went out to talk to her discovered that she was considering throwing out hundreds of miniature magazines. Oh, the horror of it! But bless her heart, she donated them to our club.

After we had all cashed out, we went to the Stony Plain Multicultural Centre for a delicious lunch. The Homesteader's Kitchen there is known for fresh bread, homemade soup and their many varieties of pies made daily by the staff.
So the day couldn't have been much better: minis, bargains, good friends and good food!

And more of the same tomorrow (well, except for the bargains LOL) as we meet for the club's All Day Workshop and work on our Little Fair on the Prairie display for the show and sale in September.

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  1. Wow you did well at that sale eh???? Wow. And I am envious of your clubs workshop tomorrow too. But having said that Maureen I have so much to do to finish projects already started I need not think of doing another. I do however LOVE that bed. keep me posted as to how you dress that one please. It is wonderful.
    Judy in Penticton who thought she would be making flowers for her fairy's bed but the sun was shining today and I was outside playing instead.